June 17, 2024
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Goalkeeper Coaching

Goalkeeper Coaching Course Curriculum

This course is aimed at junior managers who wish to learn more about all aspects of Goalkeeping.

Full training will be given throughout the process. This will involve the following:

  • Goalkeeper Specific warm ups
  • Shotstopping inc positioning, angles, technique and recovery saves.
  • SAQ work Speed, Agility and Quickness, mobility and agility and co ordination drills.
  • Footwork and Handling. Technique, body shape, hand shape, co ordination, fast feet.
  • Aerial work Including punching, catching, timing, decision making, communication and phase play.
  • One v one situations inc speed work, decision making, bravery and safe diving technique.
  • Distribution inc kicking, throwing actions and technique, switching play.
  • Dealing with the back pass inc control, short and long passing, decision making drills under pressure.
  • Set Plays inc how to set up to defend free kicks, corners.

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