July 12, 2024
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A Weekend of Crossing

The three sessions this weekend have been all about crossing. Starting off with handling drills on the floor with the balls coming across to each other in the air, working in pairs and then as the levels progress moving on into small groups. Emphasis being on the quality of the serve and the catch. Also the technique of the jumping up in the air to catch the ball, knee bent up to protect the body. Lots of focus also on communication prior to collecting the ball. Throwing accuracy and technique was also a key point with some drills to practice this in pairs.

Following the drills there were some phase play sessions where the balls were crossed in towards the Keeper in goal.

Thanks as usual to all of our dedicated GDS coaches and Senior Keepers who have helped us over the weekend and also a big thanks again to the parents that help us with the kit week in week out. We are most grateful.





Congratulations to all – photos seen with Head Coach Dave

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