May 21, 2024
Keeper of the month December - Billy

Goalkeeper of the Month – Feb/March: Chatty

We are very pleased to announce that Chatty is Goalkeeper of the month for February/March.

Chatty has been training with us at our Charlemont centre on a Saturday morning for a year, and when he arrived he was extremely enthusiastic, excited and couldn’t stop telling us all about it!! Chatty was born!

It was evident from the beginning that Chatty had no fear whatsoever when it came to throwing himself around to stop the ball going in the net and as a consequence he was able make some very good saves right from the start.

Chatty made friends at GDS very quickly and his work rate was outstanding. He listens well and puts a huge amount of effort into every session. As a consequence his technique has improved quickly and has become a very strong player.

Chatty always volunteers to go into goal in matches and often makes spectacular saves doing a good job keeping the score down against his team.

Chatty often wins “Golden Buzzers” and he is often picked by his coach to be in the final as keeper of the day.

Chatty is kind to other players, is helpful and is a pleasure to coach.

Over the last couple of month he has excelled every session and he thoroughly deserves this award. Congratulations Chatty and keep up the hard work!

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