June 17, 2024
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Bulgarian Drills in a summer shower

I suppose it would have been too good to be true for this hot weather to last forever without some rain sooner or later and it came during the Bulgarian drills.

The numbers were slightly down due to people going on holiday but we still had a good amount of Keepers to work with.

The drills as everybody knows are based on using bodies to work with rather than equipment so it is imperative that lots of effort and good quality work is put in by each and every Keeper as the margin for error is very small as they are jumping over and around bodies not cones!



Andre coached the older group and Ant, Mick and Jack coached the younger groups. The younger group played a game of Octagon after the drills and the older Keepers had the two Crazy Catches and did some competitions followed by some shot stopping.

A big match followed with two older Keepers in goal.

Keeper of the night following another arm wrestle between Roof and Strimmer was Strimmer.

arm wrestle

Congratulations 🙂 Photo seen with GDS Coach Mick Button.

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