July 13, 2024
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GDS Between the Sticks: Strimmer

Kal-el Lang (Strimmer) – Brandhall Colts Under 12.

My first ever session at GDS was when I was 8 years old. I had recently decided that I wanted to be a goalkeeper. At first I was nervous and little shy but I was soon made to feel really welcome and now consider it as a second family.

The first thing I noticed was how much equipment there was. Dave instantly gave me my first nickname (Whippet) I have a real passion for goalkeeping and GDS has helped me so much along the way.

My favourite thing about GDS is how much fun we have and how Dave and the coaches make everything we do fun but yet teaches me so much. If I do something wrong they make sure I have corrected it by the time I leave. This has really helped me become a strong keeper. I Have been privileged to receive medals for goalkeeper of the day and also Goalkeeper of the month.

I have learnt so many different drill and techniques throughout my time at GDS from the Bulgarian Drill to how to drive correctly and safely. We enjoy different games like Pyramid and goalie wars and definitely enjoy the end of session football match where Dave gets very competitive and sad if he is on the losing team.

My funny moment at GDS was when I decided to get a perm (What was I thinking) and Dave quickly decided to change my nickname to STRIMMER, Dave made sure to remind me what a mistake this was.

I really enjoy my time at GDS and no matter what your age or your ability GDS will help you so much and I can promise you will love it! I hope one day I will be a GDS coach and be given the opportunity to give something back from everything I have been taught.

Thanks Dave and all the other coaches for everything. Kal-e

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