July 13, 2024
Keeper of the month April _May Blue Boots

GDS Keeper Award Winners

At GDS we like to recognise the achievements that the Keepers receive from their teams. As you know we always try and publicise man/woman of the match awards each week and any other award that a Keeper may receive throughout the months. It’s a good sign that the training that they are receiving at GDS is working and the teams are recognising their hard work.

At the end of each season there are obviously lots of awards and tournaments going on but the list below we felt were pretty special awards to receive from their teams and from GDS:

  • Player of the season
  • Supporters player of the season
  • Players player of the season
  • League Winners trophy
  • Cup Winners trophy

As you are all aware at Lilleshall the plan was to take a big photograph of those players that had won one or more of the the above awards but time got the better of us, so last weekend we did just that at each centre. Below are the proud Keepers – Congratulations all for your hard work all season:

Award Winners at Ellowes Hall 2015-2016

Award Winners at Charlemont 2015-2016

Award Winners at OSCA 2015-2016

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