July 13, 2024
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GDS Keepers of the Week: Shan, Kermit & Chico

Keepers picked out by our Head Coach Dave and our GDS Coaches for each of our sessions this week for outstanding performances are as follows:

  • ELLOWES HALL (Friday Night Session): Shan

Shan was outstanding on Friday night. She worked extremely hard during the drills demonstrating a big improvement in technique. Her contribution to the matches at the end was also excellent.

  • CHARLEMONT (Saturday Morning Session): Kermit

As a fairly new Keeper to GDS it hasn’t taken Kermit long to come up to the standard of the Keepers in his age age group and on Saturday Kermit’s handling was excellent.

  • PORTWAY (Tuesday Night Session): Chico

As a new Keeper Chico showed a great deal of potential on Tuesday night. He put in 100% effort, listened to all of the coaching points taking them all on board and demonstrated some excellent skills.

All Keepers of the week are also now entered into the weekly GDS Football Card and will get a chance of winning the prize of £20. The Teams chosen are below. As soon as the card is full the winner will be announced.

SHAN – Southampton

KERMIT – Birmingham

CHICO – Manchester United


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