July 12, 2024
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GDS Keepers of the Week: Zoopla, Liv, Hargreaves & Button

Keepers picked out by our Head Coach Dave and our GDS Coaches for each of our sessions this week for outstanding performances are as follows:

  • PORTWAY (Tuesday Night Session): Zoopla

Zoopla put in extra effort throughout all drills during the session and was nominated by two GDS Coaches to go into the final.

  • ELLOWES HALL (Friday Night Session): Liv

Liv has been outstanding during the last three back to back sessions, has been nominated into the final at each Centre and also has the Golden Buzzer

  • CHARLEMONT (Saturday Morning Session): No Training

  • PORTWAY (Tuesday Night Session): Joint winners Button & Hargreaves

Button did some excellent demos and was outstanding in all aspects during the session. Hargreaves was also outstanding in all aspects. Both Keepers have been attending a long period of time and deserve to have their ongoing hard work and efforts recognised.


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