July 12, 2024
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GDS Mudders Day at Charlemont – 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY

Calling all Saturday kids and anyone else who wishes to join us….

On Saturday 4th February we are having a GDS event called Mudders Day. We have been training at Charlemont for a whole year now and for anyone that remembers the first session we had there, well it was slightly muddy!!!!

Yes we know it’s going to be rainy, wet and muddy yet again but we are Goalkeepers – that’s what we love 🙂

So the session will be going along the lines of this:

  • Bulgarian drills – you all know what this means, we use bodies to work with not kit
  • Goalkeeping games – these will go along the lines of some the games we had at our its a knockout Christmas event. Without giving it all away there will be Sumo wrestling on the mat, Crab football and some new surprises
  • If there is time we will have the usual mini match at the end

Who’s up for this? Please come and join in the goalkeeping hard work and fun for GDS Mudders Day.

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