July 12, 2024
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Glow Worm promoted to Senior Keeper

We are very pleased to announce that Glow Worm has been promoted from Junior Leader position to Senior Keeper within the GDS pathway.

Glow Worm has been training with GDS for 4.5 years and trains at two of our centres. He has a huge amount of knowledge and experience as a Keeper to offer in assisting and demonstrating for other young Keepers in the Academy.

Glow Worms Leadership skills have been developing over the last year as a Junior Leader and he is now ready to take on the Senior Keeper position. He leads by example and is a fantastic role model. He will work closely with other Senior Keepers and Coaches and guide other Junior Leaders.

Congratulations Glow Worm.

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  1. Thank you GDS. The coaching that Elijah has been second to none. Not only has his skills developed but also his confidence. We’re so proud!!

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