July 13, 2024
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Goalkeeper of the Month: April 2017

Polo - April 2017

We were very pleased to announce at our new venue Tividale FC that Goalkeeper of the Month for April 2017 is Polo

Polo trains with us mainly at the Ellowes Centre, sometimes training at other Centres and has been with us now for a number of months. During this time he has regularly attended sessions and he has improved a great deal.

During April Polo has given some outstanding performances during sessions and due to this has sometimes been used for demos in his group. He has also been promoted to the medium group to work with older Keepers in some sessions which shows that he has come a long way with his ability.

Polo’s performance has also been recognised by a number of different Coaches as he has been picked to be in the Keeper of the Day finals on more than one occasion during April and has also been the winner of Keeper of the night twice.

To add to this Polo has also won Man of the Match for his own team twice. Excellent effort and excellent performance.

Congratulations to Polo. Photo seen with Head Coach Dave.

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