July 13, 2024
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Goalkeeper of the Month March 2019: Scissors

Scissors - March 2019

We are very pleased to announce that Goalkeeper of the month for March 2019 is Scissors.

Scissors trains with us at our Ellowes Hall venue and started with us at the end of the summer 2018 sessions.

When she first joined us her technical knowledge in certain areas and confidence needed quite a bit of  development. Very quickly though Scissors got to understand what GDS was about and worked extremely hard in all sessions she attended. She took on board coaching points applying them quickly making her a stronger a better keeper.

Scissors has a can-do attitude and puts so much effort into everything she does. She clearly wants to improve and develop and her work ethic is outstanding.

Over the last few weeks Scissors has become stronger and stronger. Her technical ability has developed greatly, her shot stopping is incredible and her confidence and presence in goal is excellent. She has been chosen a number of times to be in the final recently by different coaches which shows that her work is impressive.

Congratulations Scissors. Well deserved. Keep working hard.

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