July 12, 2024
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Goalkeeper of the Month May 2019: Too Late

Too Late - May 2019

We are very pleased to announce the Goalkeeper of the month for May 2019 is Too Late.

Too Late trains with us at Ellowes Hall. He is one of our youngest members at GDS and has been with us for almost 12 months.

Too Late is an incredible young Keeper. When he started with us it was obvious he had a lot of natural ability as not only a Goalkeeper but a footballer in general.

As such a young Keeper his concentration levels are extremely good during sessions and he is very quick to understand drills and take on coaching points. Too Late soaks up information he is given so easily and applies this to what he is doing working extremely hard every session.

Over the months he has been with us Too Late has dramatically improved. The can do attitude and 100% effort have all contributed to this. He is becoming a very very good Keeper

Too Late always wants to be in Goal in matches and is an outstanding shot stopper. For such a young Keeper it is amazing to watch how he somehow manages to get himself in the way of the ball and stop people including people a lot older than him from scoring. He takes knocks and balls in the face and nothing seems to phase him. He will get up and brush himself down with no tears and carry on. His bravery is a huge strength.

Recently Too Late is often picked to be in the final by coaches and has really excelled in terms of his development. He is an absolute pleasure to coach.

Congratulations Too Late – keep up the good work

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