July 13, 2024
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Goalkeeper of the month – September 2022: Rollover

Rollover - September 2022

We are very pleased to announce that Goalkeeper of the month for September 2022 is Rollover

Rollover has been training with GDS for approximately 4 years. He began on our Tuesday night venue at Warley Rugby Club. When he arrived he was an excitable young man and had a lot to say for himself. He soon got used to the GDS ways with some reminders (each session!), but he also had a habit of diving and rolling over….and hence Rollover was born!

Rollover continued with GDS week in and week out and although remained very excitable in his younger days with us he began to develop his technique and shot stopping. His enthusiasm always came across in his hunger to learn and it was soon apparent that his skills were improving.

Eventually Rollover moved from the Tuesday venue to Charlemont on a Saturday and through further determination and hard work he has developed into an outstanding young goalkeeper, with an extremely positive attitude. His strength and presence in goal for such a young lad is noted and his shot stopping and general technique is excellent and he is very difficult to score past. Rollover is often placed in the higher level groups which is unusual for a keeper of his age.

Throughout the recent months and especially in September Rollover has demonstrated his improvement and how far he has developed and he thoroughly deserves this award.

Congratulations Rollover and keep up the good work.

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