June 19, 2024
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Octagon proves popular at Ormiston

A great session last night at Ormiston after a week off. The weather was fantastic and the Keepers worked extremely hard in very warm conditions.

The last session of England Drills commenced and again it was great to see some more new faces with us. Welcome to Max and Kal. The England Drills consisted of a number of different type of drills such as shot-stopping, footwork and handling.

As usual the Octagon game followed the England Drills which seemed to have slightly evolved whereby when Keepers are out the poles are removed and the goals get bigger!! An extremely fun game with lots of coaching points – definitely one to contend with Goalie Wars and Crossfire 🙂

Two new concepts were introduced today. Firstly the Golden Buzzer. This can be awarded to a Keeper who does something special throughout the night and this gives them a pass straight to the final for the Keeper of the day. Secondly Golden Tortoise. This is a new award for the slowest Keeper. Of course just a bit of fun – the award is a tortoise which then has to come back next week to be given to the the slowest Keeper the week after 🙂

The matches were split into two and the younger match especially was quite exciting. It ended up a draw but was a very passionate game right till the end!!!

There were 7 finalists last night which is unusually high. Our two new Keepers were amongst them so well done both. The Keeper of the day though went to Jake who was awarded with the Golden Buzzer – Congratulations Jake.

Tortoise of the Day went to…………….Fin!

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