June 17, 2024
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Footwork & Handling at Ellowes

Tonight the session covered Footwork and Handling. We trained on the grass at Ellowes and the weather was luckily very kind to us.

It was our first session to test out our new GDS wheelie bin and it was very helpful in carrying all of our cones and ladders down from the van in one go 🙂 Nobody got thrown into it this week but watch this space!!

We were split into three groups this week all working hard on footwork and handling drills using lots of equipment.

Following this the groups were split into two to work on distribution using fun game play

Thanks goes to GDS coach Rob for helping out tonight and Pete who is training to be a GDS coach. Both worked very hard.

Also thanks go to our senior Keepers Beth, Issues and Liam for the demos but particularly Beth who was very proactive with her one to one coaching tonight.

Congratulations to Wolfie who won Keeper of the night. Photo seen with Head Coach Dave.

Flickr photos for the night will be available shortly. Below are photos from April:

April Photographs

Below is a link to one of the video clips taken tonight. Further ones are available on our instagram page


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