July 13, 2024
Keeper of the month April _May Blue Boots

A very wet Saturday morning

The rain poured down at Charlemont on Saturday morning but we had a very dedicated large turnout of Keepers which was fantastic. Thanks to both parents and Keepers turning out in such wet weather.

The session was a slight variation on the Barcelona footwork and handling session from Ellowes which again worked the Keepers very hard with different levels within the drills, but also keeping the brain working by making the Keeper think about the next step all the time.

Following this there were two groups of phase play which worked on Goalkeeper communication and distribution. There were then two Crazy Catch competitions of which Moustache was the final winner which meant he won the Golden Buzzer giving him a ticket to the final at the end of the day.

Welcome to the new Keepers who joined us today – we look forward to seeing you next week 🙂

Thanks to GDS coach Mick Button who helped and the parents who helped put the kit away before more rain came. Special thanks to JJ’s mom. Much appreciated.

Keeper of the Day ended up being Fly – congratulations. Photo seen with Head Coach Dave 🙂

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