July 12, 2024
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Barcelona Footwork & Handling

It was a lovely warm sunny evening for training at Ellowes and we had a number of new faces join us which was great to see. Welcome to all and we hope to see you again next week.

The session was based around Barcelona goalkeeping drills. There were three groups and the older group as usual with the Senior Keepers did all of the demos. The drills were fast moving and started off at a lower level progressing to more complex moves including footwork and handling. A lot of co-ordination and concentration was also needed when the Keepers from the other side of the grid shouted out either orange or lemon for the cone which they had to reach before saving the ball. The cone then became the furthest cone away. The cone then had to be swapped from one pole to another pole. Lots of fast moving drills and hard work but lots of team work too as one mistake would stop the sequence completely.


Following this we had triangle football and Crazy Catch drills plus a big match.

Liv won the Crazy Catch competition winning a Golden Buzzer meaning she got a ticket to the final for the day.

Keeper of the day in the end went to Stanley for being in the big group – congratulations Stanley – photo seen with Head Coach Dave with a daft Iceland chant!!

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