February 29, 2024
Keeper of the month December - Billy

A Weekend of One v One’s

Over the weekend we had three excellent training sessions consisting of One v Ones. This is such an important topic especially leading up to the start of the season which will give Keepers the knowledge and coaching points to take away with them. Some of the key coaching points are below:

  • Wait for the strikers bad touch then take the ball
  • Don’t dive too early
  • Always tuck your head in
  • Keep low to the ground
  • Come off your line early to meet the ball

The Friday session at Ellowes was particularly special as it was Archie’s last session before he returned to home to Finland. There was a big Murder Ball competition which ended up in a final between Archie and Andre (hardly surprising!). It ended up as a draw but it was a very intense final to watch!

Young Rhysty had an excellent run in the match on Friday scoring the winning goal and was voted Keeper of the night.

Saturday’s session introduced us to new Keeper Beast – age 14 but bigger than Head Coach Dave! He wasn’t too sure on Saturday but stuck it out and returned on Monday where he did extremely well and ended up winning Keeper of the night!

Button won Keeper of the day on Saturday for his overall excellent performance in the drills. He was also voted to the final on Monday so some great work coming from Button.

Congratulations to all three Keepers for their awards over the weekend. All well deserved.

As usual many thanks to all of the coaches and senior Keepers that helped us and also to the parents who helped put away the kit but also to those who have been bringing back all of the Prediction sheets. Thanks so much for supporting us.


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