February 25, 2024
Keeper of the month December - Billy

Bright start for New Venue

We had a fantastic three sessions this week with lots of variations, new Keepers a new Venue and most importantly lots of fun.


The sessions started on Friday at Ellowes where the second week of our winter course commenced. The session was an all important outfield session, all about controlling the ball with your feet. Lots of Keepers struggle with this but GDS ensure that it is always part of the curriculum as it is so important to be able to have good outfield skills as part of being a Goalkeeper.

Once the drills were done mini games in groups were played to make use of the skills just worked on. Keepers swapped around positions from being in goal, defence and attacking play.

Five aside matches commenced as usual with a new 2 minute rule – if no goals are scored in that time then both teams come off.

Welcome to new Keeper Ollie.


Saturday morning at Charlemont again saw a great turnout of Keepers in the pouring rain.

Dave coached with the assistance of Andre and Beth. All Keepers worked extremely hard and used their own initiative which was really good to see.

Moustache turned up in his Christmas jumper….couple of months too early for our Christmas session!

Special thanks to Spike and Umar for loading the van.


Tuesday was the first night at back at our new venue Portway Lifestyle Centre. Click here for more details.

The session was GDS Six pack. Due to only having an hour slot the session was fast moving but it was extremely successful. We had three groups taking it in turns to go round the drills laid out. The drills were a combination of footwork, handling, shotstopping, and goalkeeper fitness. There were also Crazy Catch competitions and the winners had golden buzzers into the final. All Keepers worked very hard keeping up with the pace.

There were some fantastic saves seen throughout

Welcome to New Keeper Jag

Special thanks to Liv and Kiera for helping set up

Click here to see photos from Tuesday night

Thanks as usual to all of the GDS Coaches and Senior Keepers that have helped us over these sessions – you have all been brilliant we couldn’t do this without you. Thanks again to the parents that have helped with the kit and those that support us week in week out.





Congratulations to all – photos seen with Head Coach Dave and GDS Coach Dan

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