July 13, 2024
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Bulgarian Surprise – Archie trains with GDS from Finland

Tonight the theme was Bulgarian. For those who have been with GDS for long enough you will know that means lots of hard work and fun drills but without any equipment. Yes, goalkeeping the old fashioned way using bodies instead of cones!

The drills consist of lots of teamwork, working together to create challenging footwork, diving techniques and shot stopping sequences which tests the Keepers’ stamina along the way.

The group work also spilled into some Crazy Catch drills with teams rotating.

Now GDS have the Crazy Catch Rebounders they are used every session. They are invaluable training equipment which keepers can either do drills on in a group, do competitions on, or Coaches can use to do one on one sessions when a Keeper is struggling with handling. We are hoping to add to this with some more units going forward. If you are interested in purchasing one please see Caz or look on our club shop.

Following the Bulgarian drills we played the Octagon game which the younger Keepers did extremely well in and Ty got a golden Buzzer to the final for coming first.

It was good to see another new GDS face tonight – Cameron – welcome to GDS 🙂

The Biggest news of the evening was the presence of Archie from Finland. Archie trained with us in Malta and travelled all the way to from Finland to be with us at Ellowes. Archie is studying for a year in England so we will be seeing quite a lot of him hopefully over the next 12 months. Everybody made him very welcome and it was great to see him training with us again. Welcome back Archie.

Following the training sessions we had a photograph taken of those who had brought one of the following trophies:

  • Player of the season
  • Supporters player of the season
  • Players player of the season
  • League Winners trophy
  • Cup Winners trophy

Please remember to bring them in Saturday and Monday.

Thanks to Beth, Mark, Pete and Jack who coached and also to senior Keepers Andre, Liam and Issues.

Keeper of the night went to Jazz Hands for his contribution in the Octagon game – Congratulations 🙂 Photo seen with Head coach Dave


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