July 12, 2024
Keeper of the month April _May Blue Boots

Hot, hot, hot!

Another fantastic turnout especially considering it was the start of the holiday season and the sun was shining down! So a big thank you to all the Keepers for working extremely hard in the very hot sun at Charlemont on Saturday morning. Very well done to all involved.

The Bulgarian theme continued from Friday night where bodies replaced equipment. Again it really promotes together team working and putting trust in each other as Keepers have to jump over each other, run around each other and so on. The margin for error is very small so quality has to be very high.

Following the drills the older group played the Octagon game and the younger group had a knockout session with the Crazy Catches.

Many thanks to Andy and Beth who coached and also to Senior Keeper Issues and some of the other older Keepers who assisted with the demos.

Keeper of the day went to Goose. This was a combined effort also from the week before as Goose did an outstanding job helping with the coaching last week too when we were short. Well done Goose. 🙂

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