July 13, 2024
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Eintract Frankfurt SAQ at Ellowes

Tonight at Ellowes Hall a brand new session was introduced called Eintract Frankfurt SAQ. It was a really great session. A lot of hard work but lots of fun and team work involved. The session consisted of of a number of different drills set up using different equipment which was all based around speed agility and quickness mixed in with reaction saves.

We used our new Crazy Catch Wild Child Double Trouble Rebounder on one of the drills and Liam and Dan set up two of the drills using their own initiative and also explained what they were about to the whole group. There were five groups in total and they worked through each drill.

Following this a game of Octagon was played – this is a favourite and again this was adapted for use with the Crazy Catch Wild Child in the middle too. Once Keepers were out they threw and kicked balls into the middle practicing their distribution skills.

The match started a little late but everyone seemed keen to continue as usual 🙂

Keeper of the day was Liam nominated by Andre who has never ever won a medal before but worked extremely hard and deserved the medal today! Well done Liam!

Thanks to Mark and Jack for assistance with the coaching yet again and also to Senior Keepers Beth and Andre for their help with demos. Thanks again goes to Liam and Dan for setting up the two drills.

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