June 17, 2024
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Another brilliant session at GDS

A great turnout at Charlemont yesterday morning and the sun stayed shining right until the very end when a heavy shower decided to appear during the match!

The session was a variation on Friday’s session called Eintract Frankfurt SAQ. It consisted of speed, agility, quickness mixed in with reaction saves. The older group had to be on their toes though because if they dropped the ball they were relegated to the younger group….no pressure! 🙂

There were then five different drills set up. Certain Keepers were given the responsibility of using their knowledge and experience to put these together and explain to the group what they were about. Thanks to the following – Senior Keepers Beth and Andre, then also to Keepers Goose, Wasp, and Dangerous. They all did a fantastic job.

Thanks also to GDS coach Andy for assisting.

Big welcome to our new Keepers Skinhead, Petrified and Sam. Hope to see you all again.

Keeper of the day was Skinhead who was brilliant in goal in the match. Well done.

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