June 19, 2024
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End of Summer Training

Friday night at Ellowes Hall saw the first week of our closed 10 week Autumn course. The topic was GDS “Six Pack” This consisted of the pitch being split into a six segments with different drills set up in each. The levels of the drills progressed in difficulty and the variety ranged from Crazy Catch handling drills, footwork, handling, shot stopping to Goalkeeper fitness.

All Keepers worked very well in their groups and really enjoyed the traditional five aside tournament we have in the winter at Ellowes.

Coaches Rob, Pete, Mark and Jack did a great job and the Senior Keepers/Coaches – Andre/Beth/Liam/Issues did a fantastic job with their demos.

Photographs for this session are now available on Flickr CLICK HERE

Saturday morning at Charlemont the GDS “Six Pack” format was also followed. The turnout was fantastic with 30+ Keepers – thank you for your continued support. All Keepers put 100% effort into everything and lots were using their own initiative with some of the drills which was good to see.

GDS Coaches Andy, Andre and Beth assisted Head Coach Dave – many thanks for this.

This was the last night at Ormiston on Monday night and the session was on the 2G with floodlights due to the light falling very quickly. Due to the surface being not suitable for diving the session was an outfield session which is part of the GDS syllabus. This is a very important part of being a Goalkeeper – learning to control the ball with your feet. All of the Keepers put lots of effort into this session and there were some very good footballers in the group.

Thanks as usual to the coaches on Monday – Mick, Andre and Jack.

Photos taken from the Monday night session at Ormiston will be available on Flickr shortly





Congratulations to all – photos seen with Head Coach Dave

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