May 21, 2024
Keeper of the month December - Billy

England Drills at Ellowes Hall

Tonight Head Coach Dave launched another new coaching session at Ellowes – England Drills. This consisted of a variety of drills including footwork, handling and shot-stopping. Each group rotated round the drills which also made good use of a variety of the equipment we have.

Following the drills the Octagon game was played where a circle of Keepers are in goal with a striker in the middle. People behind the Keepers throw balls in to the centre and the striker has to try and get as many Keepers out as possible.


Welcome to our new Keepers tonight Ruby and Grey Goose.

Thanks tonight goes to Coach Mark and his son Jack who helped out.

A big thanks also goes to Senior Keepers Andre and Issues who helped with Coaching and demos but also to Liam and Kindle who also helped with the coaching.

Gambole and Illegal were in the final tonight but Illegal won Keeper of the night. Congratulations Illegal. Photo seen with Head Coach Dave.

Current Keeper of the Month April 2016: Dangerous – Bustleholme FC Keeper

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