June 17, 2024
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Excellent turnout at Ormiston

Following two weeks of Tuesday nights at Ormiston we were back to normal on a Monday and we had our usual numbers back and more. Welcome to the new Keepers – we hope you enjoyed the session and look forward to seeing you next week.

So the session was split into two large groups to start with focussing on reaction drills. Keepers started working in pairs and then moved up into groups of four or five. The drills as usual got progressively more difficult and finished with some fun at the end where Keepers had to lift their bodies up before the balls were kicked underneath them – see photos below…..as you can imagine they were not all as successful as that!!


Following the drills there were two sessions going on – one which was work with the Crazy Catch and the other which was a Group of Keepers in the middle with one in goal at each in where the group had to SPLIT! and the rows of Keepers were instructed to pass or shoot.

We had plenty of GDS coaches to go round helping the groups – thanks to Andy, Rob, Dan and Jack who coached with Head Coach Dave last night.

Thanks to Senior Keepers Beth and Andre for their brilliant demos as usual 🙂

Thank you to the parents who helped put away kit/Gazebo and take everything back to the van and Caz’s car during the matches – you know who you are and it’s very much appreciated as you help week in week out.

Keeper of the night went to Snood who was put into the big group and stepped up to the mark very well. Congratulations Snood 🙂 Photo seen with GDS Coach Jack.

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