June 17, 2024
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GDS Between the Sticks: Button

GDS between the sticks. By Jake a.k.a Button

I joined GDS when I was 7 years old and under contract at Birmingham City. I dived into my first session as Jake, I left as “Button”. I’ll always remember the trick I used when I was a few sessions in. I would admire the technique of the “BIG kids” dives and notice that there was a strip of mud just behind the tip of their shoulders all the way down to their waists, I would go home, and see if I had them in that exact place. I must of enjoyed that first session as I am now 12 and still there 2 to 3 times a week depending on the time of year and what I have going on at different clubs. I even miss my Sunday league teams training for GDS! It’s worth it though.

GDS has helped me in all aspects of goalkeeping, from footwork and handling to technique and even distribution. Sessions like Bulgarian (no cones or posts just kids and footballs) and Themed sessions like The Grand National and The boat race, always stick in your head!

Funny moments come on a weekly basis ranging from Dave’s team not winning, to his stories if he does and the nicknames given to kids. We’ve had nicknames ranging from the brothers Elf and Safety to Harry Potter to wetsuit and even the newly found “Princess Omar”. The one thing I always remember is something that we do just before Christmas called BAD Christmas presents. That’s right, got a cat jumper off your nan, put it in the box for someone else and get an empty water bottle!

My highlight in the last 5 years at GDS was winning overall young keeper of the year at our Lilleshall event this year which I proudly put next to my 2 goalkeeper of the months and around a 12 goalkeeper of the days. Being used for demonstrations and climbing up from the little group to the middle group to now being a regular “BIG kid” shortly follow as memorable highlights.

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  1. Wow Jake x well written x just shows how the goalkeepers who are trained at GDS appreciate all the hard work the coaches put into the training they give to the young goalkeepers. Giving them the skills and confidence to play superbly for there individual teams xx xx so proud of you Jake xxx

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