June 17, 2024
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GDS Between the Sticks: Liv

My name is Liv. I am 13 years old. I have been going to GDS for just over 2 years. I remember my first session like it was yesterday. I felt a little nervous but it was ok because I knew that one of my best friends who I had known since I had been to nursery “Limey” trained there. When I got there we did a session called Bulgaria. Its where instead of using goalkeeping equipment we used keepers bodies to jump over and go in and out of. I absolutely loved it and still to this day Bulgaria is my favourite session of all.  From then on I couldn’t wait for Friday’s to come. Each training session was different and I have learnt so much. I’m excited every week to go training and I will go to every session that I possibly can. There is never a dull moment there. Issues makes sure of that! I am also developing my coaching skills at GDS now as well which is helping with a qualification I am doing at school and I also help out by setting up the pitches, doing demos and helping with the younger keepers which I love doing.

I think one of my most memorable sessions at GDS was the first Saturday we moved to Charlemont. It was one of the muddiest and wet days I can ever remember and every single keeper was covered in mud from head to foot. Dave also insisted on rolling all over the ground as usual so he didn’t feel left out. I had mud all over my face and body and diving in the mud was brilliant. I won the “surf” award that day for the dirtiest Keeper!

Dave and all the other coaches have helped me in so many ways. Dave will identify an area I am weak in and he will work me hard in that area until I improve. He will then move on to the next area he thinks I am weak in. Dave really is a brilliant coach. He’s the best. I use everything I have learnt at GDS in my matches. It stays with me and helps me become a better Keeper. He has gone above and beyond to help me which I am really grateful for.

There have been so many funny things that have happened at GDS it is really difficult to choose one thing. Dave has had me laughing so much I’ve cried on many many occasions. I think the one time which was also at another one of my favourite sessions was at the Christmas it’s a knockout when I was tied up with Dave in the three legged football. We just kept falling over because he kept pulling me the wrong way. I couldn’t get up because I was laughing that much. Of course he just wanted to win and ended up dragging me across the floor!

The best moment at GDS was also my proudest moment. It was when I won senior player of the year. I didn’t expect to win anything at all I really didn’t so I was so surprised and it really was and is a massive honour.

Without GDS I would still be playing at grassroots level instead of where I am now which is at Birmingham City Ladies Football Club. GDS really means the world to me.

This is my favourite picture because it shows how much fun I have there. I would have no clue what I would have done without Dave and GDS as a whole. I would really recommend any Keeper young or old to come and join our GDS family.

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