June 19, 2024
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GDS Chaos at the Weekend

Both at Ellowes and Charlemont Head Coach Dave introduced yet another brand new session. This session was called GDS Chaos. To begin with the session was split into smallish groups where equipment was used such as poles, cones, Crazy Catches, and also a gym ball. The drills within the groups varied between shot stopping, footwork, handling but also worked on stamina when a timed drill was introduced to work at saving balls within a grid thrown in from different people in the group using the equipment to make it difficult to know where the next ball is coming from.


Following these smaller drills is when the real Chaos begun. A goal was set up and a Crazy Catch was laid virtually flat in front of it with a few cones underneath. Each group consisted of about 8-10 people. Two Keepers stood either side of the goal just in front throwing the gym ball across it to each other. More pairs of Keepers continued up the pitch volleying balls and throwing balls across the width of the pitch. The whole idea being to distract the Keeper in the goal and make it difficult for them to see where the ball is coming from – causing Chaos.

There were two Keepers kicking balls in to the Keeper in goal, but hitting the Crazy Catch first so it goes in at an angle. Any save is a good save!!

Stand back and watch and the whole effect is GDS Chaos! Excellent training for all Keepers involved!

Keepers of the Day are as follows – Congratulations to all three:

  • Ellowes: Dan
  • Charlemont: Tie between Spike and Mignolet

The tie at Charlemont went into an arm wrestle – see photo below….that was also a tie so both Keepers won a medal 🙂


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