June 19, 2024
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GDS Keepers have 9 week trial with Albion Academy

GDS are very pleased to announce that three of our Keepers have been invited to a 9 week trial starting tonight with West Bromwich Albion Academy.

This is a tremendous honour for GDS and also for the Keepers themselves who have shown that their hard work and determination in our sessions has been noticed which has given them this fantastic opportunity.

All the very best to the following:

Under 11 Keeper: Kermit (Ellowes Hall & Charlemont)

Under 14 Keeper: Chuck (Ellowes Hall)

Under 15 Keeper: Dangerous (Charlemont & Portway/Tividale)

1 Comment on GDS Keepers have 9 week trial with Albion Academy

  1. Chuck has come on so much since starting at GDS!!! Thank you Dave and all the team… He is very excited and grateful to you all for the opportunity

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