June 17, 2024
Keeper of the month April _May Blue Boots

GDS Keepers of the Week: Branden, Limey & Wonga

Keepers picked out by our Head Coach Dave and our GDS Coaches for each of our sessions this week for outstanding performances are as follows:

  • PORTWAY (Tuesday Night Session): Branden

Branden was excellent during the session putting 100% effort in and performed extremely well in the shot-stopping and cmmunication drills

  • ELLOWES HALL (Friday Night Session): Limey

Limey has been excellent two weeks running, performing some outstanding saves in the big group the week before and demonstrating some brilliant footwork and passing skills followed by excellent communcation and team work.

  • CHARLEMONT (Saturday Morning Session): Wonga

Wonga injured his knee, got hit in the face with the ball but still carried on throughout the morning without complaining and performed excellent in the match at the end.

Well done to all Keepers and also to all those who got into the final


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