June 19, 2024
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GDS put young Coaches through FA Badges

We are extremely proud to announce that two of our young coaches, GDS Coach Ben and GDS Coach Jacko have both passed FA Level 1 with flying colours.

At GDS not only do we have a structured program for training Goalkeepers but we also have a Coach Education program.

There are two ways we look at this, firstly we encourage any parents that feel that they may have the ability to coach to join us. At certain points throughout the year we invite those parents to join our program and go through a 10 week course with us which will teach them the basics and give them the tools to come and assist us but also assist their child going forward.

Secondly we have a pathway for our youngsters. At a certain age we can promote our Keepers into Senior Keepers who will wear a red shirt and they will take on additional responsibilities and start to assist in serving, doing demos and be a role model for younger Keepers. Following this at the age of 16 if they wish they can also join our Coach Education Program.

Ben and Jacko have done exactly that. They are both fantastic young coaches and are an absolute credit to GDS. We are very proud to have them and following this GDS therefore invested into them the FA qualification. They both passed with flying colours.

Congratulations Ben and Jacko.

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