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Goalkeeper of the month December 2023 – Billy

Billy - December 2023

We are very pleased to announce that Goalkeeper of the month for December 2023 is Billy

Billy has been training with GDS at our Charlemont centre for approximately 2.5 years. When he started with us he used to arrive slightly late every session coming straight from his dance class. Billy Elliot was an obvious name as he danced in a little late.

In terms of football ability Billy had a lot to learn when he started with us but he did have balance, stability and was incredibily fit. Over time Billy worked hard listening to the coaches, putting in 100% effort and began to improve.

Not only did Billy very quickly begin to improve in all aspects of goalkeeping but he decided to really focus on developing in his football he would give up his dancing. His outfield performance was going from strength to strength and he would come to GDS sessions early to practice his kicking techniques. His dedication stood out in sessions where he worked and still does work extremely hard in the drills.

Billy has a contagious sense of humour within his group, he is also extremely helpful and sensitive to other players and new keepers that join.

Over the last few months Billy has been pushed up into higher level groups and has performed very well. He is strong and capable and his shot stopping is excellent. He is often picked by Coaches to be in the final.

Billy thoroughly deserves this award – congratulations and keep up the good work!

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