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Goalkeepers of the month October 2023 – Leggins & Biggins

Leggins & Biggins - October 2023

We are very pleased to announce that Goalkeepers of the month for October are Leggins and Biggins

Leggins and Biggins have been training at our Gospel Oak Centre for just under a year. When they started they were extremely exciteable young brothers who were very keen to be involved. They had to be taught the very basic techniques, but that said their ability to soak up the information and knowledge given to them was outstanding and they were able to very quickly put coaching points into practice.

Over the weeks and months the boys have settled into the GDS ways of working, and have got used to not only the disclipine, working hard in the sessions, but also when it’s time to have some fun and get involved in the team bonding and goalkeeping games.

Both of the boys have developed technically at a very quick rate for their ages and not only that they have learnt to show respect for other Keepers, Coaches and are extremely helpful in the sessions by fetching balls and putting away equipment. They are also very caring with new Keepers that have come in and show them a lot of encouragement, helping them to make friends and fit in.

Never before have two brothers won Goalkeeper of the month as a joint award but it was just too difficult to choose between them as they both have progressed extremely well leading up to and throughout the month of October and it is thoroughly deserved award for them both.

Congratulations Leggins and Biggins and keep up the good work boys!

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