June 19, 2024
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Goalkeeper of the Month for February 2020: Carrot

Carrot - February 2020

We are very pleased to announce that Keeper of the month for February 2020 is Carrot. 

Carrot has been training with us at our Ellowes Hall Centre for approximately 2 years. When Carrot first started at GDS he was a beginner and had a lot to learn in all aspects of Goalkeeping. To begin with he was quite shy but as the the weeks and months went on he gained more confidence in himself and listened to coaching points he was given taking them on board and putting them into practice.

Carrot is a Keeper that attends week on week barely missing sessions, he listens well and always puts in 100% effort. He is also extremely helpful, always fetching balls during sessions, helping put away kit and letting others go before him. 

As time has gone on Carrot has developed extremely well but just recently over the last month he has come into his own. His footwork and handling is extremely tidy, his shot stopping has improved so much that he is making saves that he never would have made a few months ago and he is now looking like a Keeper in terms of his presence. 

Carrot is a pleasure to coach and we know he will continue to work hard and therefore continue to develop further in the same way that he has so far.

Congratulations Carrot.

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