July 12, 2024
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Goalkeeper of the Month – June 2021: Eeyore

Eeyore- June 2021

We are extremely pleased to announce that Goalkeeper of the month for June 2021 is Eeyore.

Eeyore started at GDS with us at one of our previous venues on a Tuesday evening at Goals and when we finished there he moved over to Charlemont. He has been with us for approximately 2 years.

When he first joined he was a very young, keen to learn, raw, respectful young keeper. He has always been a very good shotstopper but has needed to take on board lots of improvement around his technique.

Eeyore always brings lots of energy to the group he is in and the effort that he puts into everything he does is outstanding. He never stops!! He takes on board all of the coaching points and puts them into practice so much so that he is a very regular coaches vote for player of the night/day.

Just recently there has been a big improvement in Eeyores strength, presence and technique and he is beginning to look like an extremely good keeper. He is also a very competent outfield player which he demonstrates weekly in the matches.

Eeyore has been voted up numerous amounts of times over the past few months by different coaches and fully deserves this award.

Congratulations Eeyore keep up the good work!

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