July 12, 2024
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Goalkeeper of the Month October 2020: Tangled

Tangled - October 2020

We are very pleased to announce that Tangled has been awarded Goalkeeper of the Month for October 2020.

Tangled has been with GDS for just over 2 years and he trains at our Friday night venue, initially at Ellowes Hall and now at our new venue Dormston.

When Tangled first arrived it was fair to say that we wondered if we were going to be able to do anything with him. He couldn’t catch a ball, his footwork was all over the place, he found it hard to understand the drills and he generally found most things difficult. We won’t go into how he got his nickname but those who know, know 🙂

But…the one big thing that Tangled had in his favour is his attitude and his determination. This young lad has attended virtually every GDS session on a Friday night and listened intently to every coach, tried so hard to put into practice what he was being taught and kept going.

At the last Lilleshall event in 2019 Tangled won the most improved player award. This said it all – he was getting better and better and better.

Tangled is a very young lad and 2 years on you can now describe him as a very good Goalkeeper and also a good footballer. His pure determination and outstanding attitude and endless hard work has got him to this position. Over the last month in particular the continuous development seen in him has been such that a number of coaches have commented on it. His attention to detail around drills and his technique, shotstopping and presence in goal are excellent.

Tangled really is a GDS success and totally, totally deserves this award. Congratulations young man – keep up the good work, keep improving and working hard.

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