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Goalkeeper of the Month September 2020: Sleepie

Sleepie - September 2020

We are very pleased to announced that Goalkeeper of the month for September 2020 is Sleepie

Sleepie has been training with GDS for approximately 18 months at our Saturday centre in Charlemont. When he joined he did not have a lot of confidence and he had very little skills in goalkeeping.

To begin with Sleepie was very unsure whether he actually was serious about Goalkeeping and it showed in the sessions. It was rare he would actually finish a session without ending up sitting in his dads car. But then something changed in him and he decided that he wanted to give it a proper go.

He became very focussed in listening to the coaching points, he asked questions, he tried to apply coaching points and it was very clear he wanted to learn and progress. After this point Sleepie began to develop and he never again left a session early!

Sleepie then began training twice a week with GDS. This really helped him understand and apply techniques such as footwork, handling and in particular diving. He then became stronger and a lot more confident.

Following the break that we had Sleepie did a lot of work and practice training on his own and came back stronger than ever and over the last month he has shown that he is extremely fit, his technique has developed and improved considerably and he is now looking like a very very good young Keeper with a lot of potential.

Sleepie is also such a polite, helpful and pleasant young lad and he always helps others at GDS. He also offers to help the coaches and is very keen to learn how to do new things and is very responsible for someone so young. He is a pleasure to coach and absolutely deserves this award.

Congratulations Sleepie and keep up the excellent work young man.

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