June 17, 2024
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Goalkeeper of the Month September 2018: Sticky

Sticky - September 2018

We are very pleased to announce that Goalkeeper of the Month for September 2018 is Sticky

Sticky trains with us at Ellowes Hall and been with us for approximately 18 months. He is a very polite, helpful and respectful young man and he is a pleasure to coach.

When he first began he didn’t have much co-ordination and he didn’t have much experience in playing football. Over the months Sticky has shown that he listens intently and puts in an outstanding amount of effort in every single session that he attends. He has never given up even when he has found things difficult he has persevered and practiced and listened to every coaching point he has been given. He will always ask questions and try and work on his weak areas to improve himself.

During September it has become evident that Sticky has vastly improved in terms of his goalkeeping ability. He demonstrated some outstanding shot-stopping on a number of occasions during the sessions and his confidence has really grown. His technique has also improved so much that Sticky has been pushed up a group.

Congratulations Sticky – you have worked extremely hard and it is really coming together for you. Well done.

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