February 25, 2024
Keeper of the month December - Billy

Great turnout at Ormiston

Although we had to change our schedule for the second week running we still had a good amount of Keepers turn up on Tuesday night for our last session of Eintract Frankfurt SAQ. So thank you to all of the parents for making the effort to keep us going on a different night than usual. Back to normal Monday now England have been knocked out!!

The session was more variations on Friday and Saturday’s sessions but still using lots of equipment, setting up different drills which was based around speed, agility quickness and mixed in with reaction saves.

The Octagon game was played following the drills which focusses on shot stopping and then distribution once the Keepers are out.

Thanks to Coaches Rob and Jack for their help and also Beth and Andre senior Keepers as usual for their help with the demos and the setting up of the kit.

Keeper of the day went to new Keeper Hughie who did extremely well in the drills. Photo seen with Head Coach Dave. Congratulations Hughie 🙂


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