February 25, 2024
Keeper of the month December - Billy

REMINDER: Portway is fully booked

Due to the success of the Portway Centre on a Tuesday night we cannot currently take any more Keepers.

For those who train with us on a Tuesday please let us know if you are not going to attend. We have a waiting list of Keepers who would like to join us.

If you don’t attend for 3 sessions we will be opening your place up (obviously if there will be exceptions)

Also please try and ensure you start out in good time for the session – we understand it is difficult due to the time but due to the fact that the session is only an hour we have to do demos for the drills right at the very beginning of the session and we do not have the time to keep repeating these.

This Tuesday photographs will be taken. We want all Keepers in GDS kit. CLICK HERE to purchase online if you do not already have the kit you need. Photos will be starting at 18:10 at the latest so if you need to buy kit on the night please come early.

Many thanks for your assistance in this and making our sessions successful

Dave and Caz

1 Comment on REMINDER: Portway is fully booked

  1. Hi Jake should be there this week.
    He’s had to stay over at school the past couple of weeks and doesn’t get home until 6.30pm.
    K Garrison

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