June 19, 2024
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Tenerife or Tividale?

It was more like Tenerife than Tividale for Monday evening’s session at GDS. Credit to everyone for their efforts in the sweltering heat, especially to the Keepers who turned up who had worked so hard the previous day in the heat at Lilleshall as well.

GDS Chaos was the theme for the older Keepers later in the session with numerous distractions for the Keeper in goal who had to concentrate on watching the ball being struck from distance and then deflecting off the crazy catches. Meanwhile the younger keepers did some handling skills rotating around a grid with four servers giving them a ball at different heights and speeds. With a footwork task added to the drill it was a test of memory as well as speed over a yard and it was imperative there was clean handling to ensure the chain wasn’t broken.

Some great saves were made during the final game of Goalie Wars where there were definitely more saves than goals!

Well done to all who attended and worked so hard in the heat.

Thanks again to those parents who helped to bring in the equipment at the end and to Senior Keeper Andre for his demos. Coaches present were Mick, Rob and Ant – thanks again for their dedication and hard work especially following the efforts put in the previous day at Lilleshall.

Keeper of the night was out of four keepers, after the initial first round of votes Pinky, Strimmer and Mason had seven votes each. Pinky went out in the next round of votes and Strimmer and Mason had to arm wrestle their way to win the medal with Mason being victorious.

Ant is pictured with Mason with tonight’s medal.

Big thanks to Rob who took the money for Caz who unfortunately couldn’t be there and also for putting together this summary.

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