May 21, 2024
Keeper of the month December - Billy

A Weekend of Reaction & Shot Stopping Drills

Last weekend was a mixed weekend in terms of numbers. Friday and Saturday at Ellowes and Charlemont were both back with a reasonable number of Keepers at each Centre whilst on Monday night we had a very poor turnout.

The sessions were all based around reaction and shot stopping, again basic elements of Goalkeeping but very important, especially going back into a new Season.

The groups worked initially in pairs and then in threes for various reaction and shot stopping drills working through to harder levels of difficulty. Few photos below from Ellowes Hall on the Friday night:

Following the drills there were phase play sessions where the ball was knocked into the box in different ways to the strikers and the Goalkeeper had to communicate to the defenders and deal with it.

The matches as always were given 100% effort 🙂

A big thank you as always to the Senior Keepers and Coaches who helped out this week.

And as always thank you to the parents who help put away the kit. A special mention to JJs parents who collected the money as I can’t there on a Saturday now the season has started.

Keepers of the night/day are as follows:

Friday night Ellowes Hall: Yoda

Saturday Charlemont: Scorpion

Monday night Ormiston: New Keeper Johnny Balloon

Photos seen with Head Coach Dave

Training as usual this weekend.

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