February 29, 2024
Keeper of the month December - Billy

One v One’s at Ellowes

Another great turnout at Ellowes. Last but one session on the grass before returning to the astro. Hopefully you have all had letters now with regards to the 10 week course and limited spaces due to the other pitches being booked by Albion Foundation – all payments need to be in by next Friday (16th September) to secure your place and it is done on a first come first served basis.

The session was all about one v one technique. Starting at a low level and progressing up to a higher level and a match like situation. Working in pairs to begin with then as the session progressed there were three groups. Main coaching points are to come out early and to take the ball when the striker takes a bad touch, keep low and ensure your head is tucked in when on the ground.

Head Coach Dave had to leave slightly early for the first time ever so huge thanks to Pete, Mark, Jacko, Beth, Liam and Issues for running the match and finishing up.

Leo, Rhysty and Purple were nominated for Keepers of the night. It was a draw between Leo and Rhysty so a re-vote took place. Rhysty then won.

Congratulations to Rhysty – photo seen with GDS Coach Pete.

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