June 17, 2024
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Back to basics

Training commenced once again at Ellowes Hall after a short summer break with a “Back to basics” session followed by some GDS style shot stopping.

The numbers were as to be expected – lower than usual due to the bank holiday weekend but still enough Keepers to make a great first session back.

To begin with all the Keepers were working in one big group on basic shot stopping whereby cones and poles were used either side and as the levels progressed cones were moved from one pole to another before the shot took place and the shots became more and more difficult with a variation of where they were placed. This progressed into a knockout competition where Beth came first, Andre second and Liv third. The Keepers that were knocked out went and did drills on the Crazy Catch rebounders having to catch three or six in a row before they could move on.

Following this the Keepers went into pairs for a session of back to basics. The Keepers worked very hard on this putting a lot of effort in – it was very fast moving from one drill to the next.

Traditional shot stopping came next with one Keeper in goal and all the others shooting from a semi-circle at them. There were some excellent saves.

It was voted that Octagon should be played before the match. Custard was out within approx 30 seconds (3 goals) which we think might be the record. Even when Custard was out balls kept going into his goal so it may have just been a bad choice of goal!! Stanley ended up in a very tense final with Andre which eventually ended up with Andre as the winner but it was very close.

The match was a 2-2 draw and all Keepers played extremely well. The effort that was put in was brilliant and some of the passes and play was excellent.

Thanks again goes to Mark and Jacko for helping with the coaching, also to Senior Keepers Andre, Beth and Liam for the demos, and also to Kindle and Liv for the demos in the back to basics session.

Keeper of the night was very close – it was between Stanley and Yoda for their excellent performance in the match in goal. Stanley won by one vote – congratulations Stanley. Photo shown with Head Coach Dave.

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