June 17, 2024
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GDS returned to Charlemont after summer break

The session on Saturday at Charlemont was a variation of the Back to Basics and Shot Stopping session which was carried out the night before at Ellowes Hall.

Due to holidays Head Coach Dave was coaching on his own with the assistance of Senior Keepers Andre and Beth. Numbers were slightly lower than usual but enough for two groups.

Welcome to new Keeper Yelp who did very well in all aspects – hope to see him again next week.

The format was working on shot stopping drills to begin with going through from basic levels up to higher more complex levels using cones to swap from one side of the poles to the other. It ended up in a competition where if you missed the save the Keeper went over and worked Crazy Catch drills with Dave.

Following this there were basic drills in pairs. Focus was on quality. This progressed from basic catching to volleys and reaction saves.

There was then a game of Octagon which was eventually made more difficult by making Keepers lose a life if they kicked the ball over. Winner of this was Spike.

It was decided that it would be one big match – Yelp had the task of marking Beth which was a bit of a mismatch but he did a great job 🙂

Keeper of the day went to Spike for overall performance and for winning Octagon – congratulations Spike. Photo seen with Head Coach Dave.

Photos were taken of the day and will be available shortly on Flickr

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