June 17, 2024
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Coaching points to remember at Charlemont

We had another successful session of “Starting the Attack” at Charlemont this morning. Considering the weather forecast the rain held off for most of the session and the sun actually made an appearance at certain points.

The variety of drills within “Starting an Attack” is excellent and there is a lot of great coaching points for the Keepers to take away after this session. The session consists of distribution drills and two phase play sessions.

All Keepers worked very hard today remaining focussed on the task.

Thanks to senior Keeper Andre, Beth and Justine for their assistance, demonstrations and setting up. Invaluable as usual.

Also thanks to GDS coach Andy for helping out today and Caz for helping with the younger group.

Congratulations to Tyler aka Roof who won Keeper of the day who is a Bustleholme FC Keeper who worked very hard on all drills today. Photo seen with Senior Keeper Andre.

Current Keeper of the Month: Dangerous – Bustleholme FC Keeper

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