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Goalkeeper of the month September – Eagle

Eagle - September 2023

We are very pleased to announce that Goalkeeper of the month for September is Eagle

Eagle has been training at our Gospel Oak Centre on a Friday night for just under 2 years. When he started with us he was an exciteable young lad who had a lot to learn with regards to Goalkeeping.

Eagle became a GDS kid immediately, making friends in his group, fitting in well, working hard and listening to the coaches. He soon began to show signs of improvement as he listened to the coaching points and put them into practice week on week.

Eagle has always been a very polite and helpful young man at GDS and over the months has begun to work his way up through the groups going from strength to strength. His shot-stopping, footwork and handling and his presence in goal are now excellent and he can be very difficult to score past.

Over the last few months, September in particular Eagle has shown some qualities that come over time, after considerable dedication and hard work and have been noticed by the coaching team as he has been voted up for medal more than once.

Congratulations Eagle and keep up the hard work young man!

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