June 17, 2024
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Farewell to Rhino

Tonight we said farewell to Rhino one of our coaches at Ellowes Hall.

Rhino started at GDS with his brother Dan around the age of 10. He attended for a number of years and became an outstanding young Keeper.

Rhino moved up through the ranks within GDS becoming a Senior Keeper where he assisted with demos and helped the coaches and finally trained to become a coach.

He has been coaching with us at Ellowes Hall for 2 years and we will be sorry to see him go. His knowledge and experience has been a great asset to GDS and he is a perfect example of how a young person can develop different skills throughout the lifecycle of GDS.

Rhino is now off to University to start a new chapter in his life and everyone at GDS wishes him all the best. We hope to see him back soon in the holidays

Good luck Rhino!

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